Building Technology Capacity


  • Technology Graduation Requirement (TGR)
  • eSchool News the 2010 Tech Savvy Superintendent Award
  • LACOE 2009 Digital Voice Award for Innovation
  • Based upon the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) to create lessons and projects that integrate technology. The NETS includes Creativity and Innovation, Communication and Collaboration, Research and Information Fluency, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills, Digital Citizenship and Technology Operations and Concepts
  • Policy states that all students must demonstrate technology proficiency in grades 7-12 as a prerequisite to graduating from high school. 
  • Policy went into effect in the fall of 2009, and is required for graduating class of 2013.
  • The 2010-2011 annual benchmarks is 50% of our secondary schools' master schedules
  • To assist schools in meeting these benchmarks secondary students will be provided student email accounts

DLT Website Activity

Objective: We as a group will collaborate in teams to create draft DLT websites for the purpose of 1) creating a DLT website to enhance communications, 2) strengthen the DLT as a whole, and 3) to experience the "NETS" in action as is expected of our students and teachers.